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This past spring, the American Independence Museum in Exeter offered its first program for preschool age children with Revolutionary Story Time.

Housed in the museum’s 1775 Folsom Tavern, the program has recently been expanded to include 90 additional minutes of playtime, crafts, colonial games, and opportunities to try on colonial outfits. Previous to playtime, a costumed re-enactor will tell stories and possibly sing colonial-inspired music.

“We want kids and their parents and caregivers to have fun and enjoy our beautiful property in downtown Exeter,” said the museum’s Victoria Su. “At the same time, kids will learn a little bit of history—learning and literacy can be fun.”

The next Revolutionary Story Time is scheduled for Thursday, September 7 from 9:30 am to 12 pm. Noting the museum is committed to educating visitors of all ages, Executive Director Emma Bray thanked Exeter Hospital for their support of the inaugural series.

“We are very appreciative that Exeter Hospital saw the potential of this program to promote the health and well-being of the community,” she said. “We will continue to look for ways to make our campus as accessible and family-friendly as possible.”

In addition to September 7, others scheduled dates for Revolutionary Story Time include October 5 and November 2.

Reservations are suggested for this program while donations are encouraged, as all proceeds will benefit the museum. Due to the historic nature of the tavern, strollers are not allowed.

For more information, or to register for Revolutionary Story Time, email [email protected].