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Craft beer, live music and more at Beer for History

In a tavern that once welcomed George Washington, the American Independence Museum will launch the 4th Annual Beer for History on Thursday, September 26 with von Trapp Brewing from Stowe, VT.

von Trapp Brewing’s Sam von Trapp, who will be at the event on Thursday, September 26, said he is excited to once again “share their beer for history.”

“As brewers of fine craft beer, honoring our history and traditions is part of our DNA,” he said. “It is great to work with the American Independence Museum, which keeps history not only alive, but relevant for people of all ages.”

New Hampshire’s Revolutionary War Capital, Exeter is a town with a history that began to a large extent with the Gilman family, prosperous Exeter merchants linked to the fight for independence.

“We tell this story at the museum and how Exeter played a role in founding our nation,” added Stratton. “Beer for History is our way of celebrating this unique history in a fun, family-friendly way.”

Beer for History is presented by Donahue Tucker & Ciandella.

“We are thrilled to be part of this series both this year and next,” said Lizabeth MacDonald of Donahue Tucker & Ciandella. “Community and our shared history are two very important things to us, and Beer for History combines them both.”

In addition to von Trapp Brewing on Thursday, September 26, Beer for History features Throwback Brewery (10/10), Sea Dog Brewing (10/24), Tilton Brothers Brewing (11/7), and Bad Lab Beer Co. (11/21). Sea Dog Brewing will provide food at each event, which will also include colonial-inspired live music and games.

“It’s a lot of fun and a chance to experience history in an engaging way,” said Stratton. “We also have some of the best brewers involved, too…We are grateful to be involved in such a community .”

Tickets for each event are $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Series tickets are $60 and $80 for members and nonmembers, respectively, while youth (under 21) are $3. Ticket prices include beer (21+), entertainment and light snacks.

von Trapp Brewing to kick off Beer for History

Sponsored by Donahue Tucker & Ciandella, Beer for History kicks off on Thursday, September 26 in Exeter with von Trapp Brewing, known for brewing European style lagers.

Held at Folsom Tavern, part of the American Independence Museum, Beer for History will continue every other Thursday from 6 to 8 pm through November 21 with a different brewer featured at each event. Other featured brewers include Sea Dog Brewing, Tilton Brothers Brewing, Throwback Brewery and Bad Lab.

As for what people can expect in terms of beer at the series’ first event, Ben Douglas of von Trapp Brewing, based in Stowe, VT, said they plan to bring their Helles, Oktoberfest and Dunkel.

“The drinkability and smoothness that lagers possess is what sets them apart from ales,” he said. “It’s a subtle difference that many craft drinkers don’t really know about, which is why I’m excited we can be at this event and introduce people to our lagers.”

In addition to Douglas, Sam von Trapp of von Trapp Brewing and Trapp Family Lodge will be present at Beer for History, marking the second time he has attended a Beer for History event. 

“In order to make a good beer, you have to care about its history and what came before it,” said von Trapp, whose family inspired the movie, The Sound of Music, with Julie Andrews. “That is what makes this series so interesting, because it places our beer in a fun and broader historical context.”

Expressing gratitude at each brewer’s participation in the series, museum Executive Director Emma Bray said proceeds from each event supports educational programs and historic preservation.

“Beer for History is an entry point into the museum’s fascinating history,” she said. “Folsom Tavern once hosted George Washington, so it is fun and meaningful to enjoy a pint in the same room where he did, too.”

At each event, guests can meet and talk with the brewers, sample their beers, hear live colonial music, play colonial-inspired games and more.

Tickets for each event are $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Series tickets are $60 and $80 for members and nonmembers, respectively, while youth (under 21) are $3. Ticket prices include beer (21+), entertainment, light snacks from Sea Dog Brewing and more.

To purchase tickets, or learn more about Beer for History, visit