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RiverWoods Exeter to Sponsor Free Admission Day for Older Adults

Long-standing sponsors of the American Independence Museum, RiverWoods Exeter will sponsor Free Admission Day for older adults on Thursday, August 15, which will also commemorate its 25th anniversary.

“RiverWoods Exeter turns 25 on August 15, so we are thrilled we can work with the museum to provide free admission to older adults in our community and beyond,” said Felicia Gennetti, project coordinator at RiverWoods Exeter.

Noting they most recently supported the American Independence Festival in July, museum Executive Director Emma Bray said this latest partnership reflects an increasingly important organizational objective.

“We want to create opportunities to provide value and enhance lives for all members of our community, including underserved populations,” she said. “We have previously brought programs to RiverWoods, so Free Admission Day is our latest partnership…We value older adults in our community and we are grateful for RiverWoods for their support of this event.”

Gennetti agreed and said community engagement and involvement is an essential part of RiverWoods’ mission.

“Our resident community is part of the larger Exeter and Seacoast community,” she said. “We care about our residents and the vitality of our community. We are excited that we can celebrate 25 years in the community through such a fun and meaningful initiative.”

Free Admission Day for Older Adults will take place on Thursday, August 15 at the American Independence Museum, which is open 10 am to 4 pm.

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