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At Saturday’s American Independence Festival at which more than 3,000 attendees are expected, RiverWoods and Saint Vincent de Paul will present an exciting display that will engage visitors of all ages.

Housed next to the food vendors along Swasey Parkway, both organizations will have set up 3 tents within a 30’ by 20’ area. In the first tent, visitors will learn more about Saint Vincent de Paul’s mobile dental van and its role in the community as well as some unique historical tidbits.

“We have dental tools from the 1770’s and will hopefully have a representation of tooth powder used in Exeter in that period, which the Exeter Historical Society is still researching,” said Cleo Castonguay, executive director, Saint Vincent de Paul. “We will also have photos of George Washington’s last dentures along with photos of paintings taken of him never smiling.”

In another section, Castonguay said they will feature kids’ activities and hand out tri-corner hats for the kids. “We thank Foss Manufacturing in Hampton, which gave us a substantial supply of recycled non-woven fabrics for some of our activities,” he added.

Expressing excitement at their sponsorship of the American Independence Museum, which presents the Festival, RiverWoods Marketing Manager Ben French said everyone is excited about their participation in the popular annual event.

“We not only look forward to sharing the RiverWoods mission and that of our charitable partner Saint Vincent de Paul, but we’ll also be providing something that will bridge generations, allow children to experience history and have some fun at the same time,” he said.

In addition to RiverWoods, major sponsors of the Festival and the Museum include Hoefle Phoenix Gormley & Roberts, P.A. Attorneys at Law, Two International Group, AutoFair, Service Credit Union, Geico, New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, and Ruffner Real Estate. Additional support is provided by Foy Insurance, Chinburg Properties, Access Sports, and The Farm at Eastman’s Corner.

“We are so grateful for all the support we have received in support of the Festival and the Museum in 2016,” said Museum Operation Manager Rob Levey. “Exeter is a really cool place, but we could not promote this amazing town without wonderful partners and sponsors.”

Featuring historic battle re-enactments, colonial demonstrations, children’s activities, cannons that fire throughout the day, crafts, music, food and more, the annual Independence Festival continues to serve as the signature event of the American Independence Museum in Exeter.

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