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RiverWoods Exeter, a nationally-accredited charitable non-profit continuing care retirement community, recently renewed its partnership with the American Independence Museum (AIM) with a $1,000 financial contribution.

According to Ben French, Marketing Manager at RiverWoods Exeter, the partnership with AIM is “much more than a financial obligation.”

“It’s actually a very active partnership that engages our residents and staff to get involved in the greater Exeter community,” he said. “Like RiverWoods Exeter, the American Independence Museum embraces history in a way that makes it both current and sustainable.”

For French, though, the partnership is as much about the future as it is a celebration of history.

“What makes us stand out from the pack is the fact that we both as nonprofits are always looking to the future, leading the way, and expanding people’s perceptions beyond those of your typical retirement communities and museums,” he said.

Noting AIM staff are already working with RiverWoods Exeter to bring one of their Traveling Trunks and other programs to residents for an educational experience, Executive Director Emma Bray said they are exploring others ways to work with one another.

“We see a great deal of potential to enhance the lives of their residents through meaningful volunteer opportunities,” she said. “This is the proverbial win-win for both of us.”

As a partner with AIM in 2017, RiverWoods Exeter will also be involved in the upcoming American Independence Festival on July 15. At the Festival, they will team with Seacoast Family Promise (SFP), their charitable partner leading up to the 2018 RiverWoods Exeter Gala, to provide a unique experience for visitors of all ages at their space on Swasey Parkway.

“We are honored to work with them again in 2017 and welcome them to our Festival,” Bray added. “By working together as active partners, we can both benefit and better achieve our respective missions.”

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