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Making history relevant and fun, last year’s summer programs for kids proved quite popular at the American Independence Museum in Exeter, which has staff excited now that registration for this year’s programs is open.

The Museum’s summer programs include Colonial Living History, in which children, ages 8 to 11, will assume the role of real 18th century Exeter residents. The Muster Day Program will engage children (ages 8 to 11) with history for one day and provide them with the opportunity to set up colonial tents and camps as well as learn to muster with a real “Militiaman.”

New to last year’s summer offerings, the Junior Historian Program will provide older children (ages 10 to 13) with the opportunity to visit local museums and galleries in addition to participation in hands-on demonstrations in archaeology, collections management and genealogy.

“There are more ways to learn about history than just from a textbook,” said Education Manager Abigail Pietrantonio. “We want to teach children about how they can analyze things like objects, documents, buildings and more to learn about not only the distant past, but perhaps their own history as well.”

The summer programs complement the recently launched Traveling Trunk program in which the Museum can be brought directly into the classroom. Based around several possible lesson plans for teachers to use, the program is funded in part by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Complete with replica period clothing, toys, historical artifacts, and more, each of the Museum’s two trunks will feature more than 70 items.

“Through our various programs, children can find the ways in which history speaks best to them—whether through dressing in 18th century clothing to learning about their own genealogy,” said Pietrantonio. “We want to engage visitors of all ages and make learning fun…There truly is something for everyone here.”

Registration for all three programs is now open. Space is limited. To learn more or register, click here