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Education is a big part of the focus at the American Independence Museum. If you are looking for programs that provide experiential learning opportunities for your family or students if you are an educator, we would love to work with you. 

Upcoming Programs

School Year Programs

Travel back in time with the three youngest members of the Gilman family and find out what it was like to grow up during the American Revolution. Children will see history through the eyes of the Gilman children and create a scrapbook of their visit using museum images.

What were the deep-seated grievances and radical ideas that set us on the road to rebellion? What strategies did the colonists employ to resist British tyranny? At the time of the American Revolution, the patriot cause was radical and the outcome uncertain.

Would you have had the courage and wisdom to side with the patriots against the most powerful nation on earth, a decision that might lead to a charge of treason? Recreate the temper of the times through local characters that argued passionately on both sides and decide for yourself if you will take the Oath.

Make your students’ trip to the museum memorable by making them be the tour guide. When the roles are reversed and students become the tour guides, it gives them a unique opportunity to learn history from a different perspective. It also allows them to learn valuable skills in research, presentation preparation and public speaking.

Assign students an object in the museum ahead of time, and then let them present their research findings to the class on the day of your visit. Our Education Manager can assist the teacher with any materials needed in advance of this lesson.

Allow your young students to experience history for themselves, with a variety of fun activities. Throughout the day, your students may:

  • Don colonial clothing and learn about the wardrobe of a colonial child
  • Hear about the day in the life of a militia man from a local Revolutionary War participant
  • Try out some colonial games, including hoops and graces
  • Participate in a mock one-room school house demonstration
  • Hear stories of sailors and maritime adventures
  • Learn about the history behind our American flag
Colonial Living Days provides students with the opportunity to learn from 18th century re-enactors who provide glimpses into various facets of everyday colonial life.

Traveling Trunk

Sponsored by Service Credit Union, this program is FREE and designed with each of the Four C’s of 21st century learning in mind: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. This program is also flexible, as our educator can come to your classroom/facility and present a lesson with materials from the trunk at minimal cost to you.

The museum offers its Traveling Trunk program free of charge to schools and libraries across the nation. Due to high demand, this program is booked through 2021. Please contact us to inquire about availability both for off-site shipping and on-site presentations.

Who is this program for?

Inside the trunk, which features more than 70 items, you’ll find a binder with lesson plans and ideas for classroom activities. Although the program’s lesson plans are specifically designed with grades 5 through 8 in mind, the program may be customized to suit younger students. You may also include your own lesson plans in the curriculum binder.

Key Program Elements
  • Utilize lesson plans to dig deeper and learn more.
  • Read books and documents relating to the Revolution.
  • Touch and try on reproduction 18th century clothing and accessories.

Examples of what is in our trunks include: Girls chemise, Woman’s pockets, Girls skirt, Girl shortgown, Girls apron, Boys’ workshirt, Stockings, Boy’s knee breeches, Boys’ waistcoat, Rev War coat, Civilian Coat, Musket balls, Arrowheads, Wooden dice, Leather apron, Cup & ball, Bilbo catcher, Haversack, Pocket compass, Horn comb, British currency, Pocket watch, Tin canteen, Wooden spoon, Powder horn, Marbled notebook, Playing cards, Purple hearts, Colonial currency, Dunlap Broadsides, Jacks, Wooden dominoes, Leather leggings, Red sash.

Camp and Summer Programs

We offer summer mini-camps for children that explore various aspects of the American Revolution and colonial life.

Join us for a summer filled with intrigue, stories, activities and discovery! This year’s virutal summer camp will feature two live virtual meetings a week that will include live demonstrations and a show-and-tell of 18th century life and objects. Receive your very own AIM tote filled with books, toys, games, and activities each week. Discover the stories of women, people of color, and spies who all helped create America!


Our public programs bring history to life and inspire civic engagement.

Upcoming Programs

Program Offerings

Free Lectures
Our free lecture series brings the experts to Folsom Tavern for hour-long presentations.

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Learn and grow from our workshop series that present an in-depth look into topics related to the American Revolution, colonial life, history and civic engagement.

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Storytime & Open Tavern Days
Revolutionary Story Time and Open Tavern days are designed for some of our youngest learners who will learn about the American Revolution and colonial life through crafts, song, books and more!

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

American Independence Festival

Held throughout historic downtown Exeter, the annual American Independence Festival celebrates the Declaration of Independence’s arrival in Exeter on July 16, 1776. The Festival features colonial artisans, food vendors, local vendors, militia encampments, battle re-enactments and the yearly viewing of the museum’s original printing of the Declaration of Independence.

Click HERE for more information.

Beer for History

Have a beer for history! We partner with local craft breweries to bring community and conviviality to historic Folsom Tavern.

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Holiday Celebrations

Held the first weekend in December, Ring in the Season celebrates the start of the holiday season. This is your last chance to visit historic Folsom Tavern before it closes for the winter!

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