At the American Independence Museum, one of its primary objectives is to engage visitors of all ages with opportunities to explore Revolutionary history in unique ways, which is tangibly demonstrated in its new Colonial Cutting Garden.

Planted with heirloom plants from Plimoth Plantation, the garden was made possible with financial support from The Farm at Eastman’s Corner. Citing an appreciation for the rich history of the NH Seacoast and that of Exeter in particular, Eric Cimon, director of marketing and events at The Farm at Eastman’s Corner, said they are excited at the partnership.

“The American Independence Museum is a unique and treasured establishment full of the stories of Exeter’s history and is a wonderful resource for all ages to learn and be reminded of how and why we got here,” he noted. “We are proud to support the learning garden and commend them for their efforts and perseverance, making sure the history of our country’s independence is not lost with the passage of time.”

Cimon said the garden also reflects core value of The Farm at Eastman Corner.

“We are focused on educating individuals about the history of the region, how we got here and how we can protect and preserve it for future generations through efforts in conservation and sustainability,” he noted.

Noting the garden features nearly two-dozen plants and herbs, some of which include rosemary, lemon balm, red orach, sage and nasturtium, Williams said the Museum’s newest living history addition reveals an important facet of Colonial history.

“Colonial Cutting Gardens were a staple of every home,” she said. “The plants and herbs within them served an important function for the family—from alleviating ailments and injuries to providing flavor to food, warding off evil spirits, and deterring pests. They also gave fragrance to soaps and cosmetics as well as to the entire home.”

To learn more about the Colonial Cutting Garden, which visitors can tour with a self-guided pamphlet that explains their historical importance, visit the Museum Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. The Museum is located at One Governor’s Lane, Exeter, NH.

The Museum is part of the NH Heritage Trail. Visit for more information.