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Funded in part by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the American Independence Museum’s ‘Traveling Trunk’ program will launch this fall.

According to Education Manager Abigail Pietrantonio. The program will provide “a museum-quality, educationally relevant experience for students directly in the classroom.”

“It’s a chance for us to reach significantly more children across the state and promote awareness about our collection,” she said. “We are also very excited at possibly teaching in the classroom, too.”

Loaded with replica period clothing, toys, historical artifacts, games and more, each of the Museum’s two trunks will feature more than 70 items. The purpose of the program is to help children better understand those who fought in the Revolutionary War as well as the everyday lives of people during that time in general, including Native Americans.

“The program also features a streamlined curriculum that complements the lesson plans of teachers,” added Pietrantonio.

To learn more about the program or the Museum’s many educational offerings for school children, contact Pietrantonio at [email protected] or visit