Who was John Dunlap?

John Dunlap was born in Ireland in 1747 and apprenticed to his uncle as a printer at just ten years old. He worked for his uncle for ten years before buying the printing shop from him. In 1771, Dunlap began publishing a periodical called The Pennsylvania Packet, which became America’s first daily newspaper in 1784. Dunlap printed paper currency in Pennsylvania throughout the 1770s and 1780s.
In 1777 when the British came to occupy Philadelphia, Dunlap moved his printing office to Lancaster and the Continental Congress was moved to the nearby city of York, Pennsylvania. Dunlap became the printer of the Journal of the Continental Congress in 1777 and would go on to print the Constitution for use at the Constitutional Convention. Dunlap was responsible for the first printing of the Constitution in a newspaper when he included it in the September 19, 1787 issue of The Pennsylvania Packet.