Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence

The Story

Did the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution give all people the same rights? This might be a children’s story, but there are a lot of interesting questions to consider here.

Your child will love this story and we think you will, too. Click HERE to download lesson plan.

The Questions

Now that you have “read” the story, what do you think of the following questions?

  1. Did the state constitutions (particularly Massachusetts and New Hampshire) provide the same rights, more, or less than the United States Constitution?
  2. Do rights and responsibilities change over time?
  3. How have people advocated and fought for justice throughout history?
  4. What privileges do I have that others don’t?

The History

Learn more about the history behind this real true story.

The Activities

  1. Write an acrostic poem for the word Freedom
    Ex: Sun
    Play outside
    Insects come out
    Nice out
  2. Create a collage that shows how you think Mumbet felt when she asked Mr. Sedgwick to help her gain her freedom.
  3. Create a word cloud that describes Mumbet (click here for example)