Leave it to Abigail

The Story

Leave It to Abigail! The Revolutionary Life of Abigail Adams by Barb Rosenstock introduces us to the power of the written word and speaking up for one’s beliefs. Explore gender roles, and the power of sharing your own story.

Click HERE to download lesson plan.

The Questions

  1. Did women in the 18th century often speak their mind about politics? Why or why not?
  2. How do we know about people from the past?
  3. What are primary sources?
  4. Are words important?
  5. Do written words have the power to make change?
  6. Why are Abigail’s letters so important?
  7. Why is Abigail’s story important?

The History

The Activity

  • Make a sampler, make images or words that symbolize or highlight something important to you.
  • Write a letter with a quill pen.
  • Advocate in writing for what you believe in as Abigail did. Write a letter to your elected officials regarding a topic or project of personal interest (ex. building a community garden, bike safety laws, hunger, etc). Click HERE for resources on how to get in touch with your elected officials.