Katie’s Trunk

The Story and History

Katie’s Trunk by Ann Turner shares the point of view of Katie, a girl from a loyalists family. Discover her point of view from the loyalist side as her home is raided by patriots.

Examine the complexities of choosing a side. Click HERE to download lesson plan.

The Questions

Now that you have “read” the story, what do you think of the following questions?

  1. Why did patriots despise their Loyalist neighbors?
  2. What happened to Loyalists after the Revolutionary War?
  3. How have different identities emerged throughout US History?
  4. What are group identities and how do they describe me?
  5. How do we work together to create acceptance and understanding of people who are of different backgrounds?

The Activities

  • Pretend that you are Katie and write a thank you letter to John Warren for saving your life. What would you say?
  • Create a mind map of the emotions you would have felt if you were in Katie’s position in the trunk.

    – Ex: Put “almost discovered” as the center of your mind map, then have different emotions branching out from the middle


  • Make a pros/cons list by writing the pros and cons of being a Loyalist and the pros and cons of being a patriot. THEN do it as if this was happening today, how would you feel about breaking away from America and becoming a new country? Did your point of view change?