John, Paul, George, & Ben

The Story

In a collaborative story time with Exeter YMCA, we hear John, Paul, George, and Ben by Lane Smith that tells the often silly tales of America’s founding fathers as kids.

The Questions

  1. Do you think the descriptions of John, Paul, George, and Ben as children are true?
  2. How do historians know what people were like in the past?
  3. How do you want to be remembered 100 years from now?

The Activities

Apple Jam


– 4 Apples
– ½ Cup Sugar
– 1 Stick of Cinnamon
– 1 Lemon (2 tbsp)
– 1 Cup Water


1) Peel, core, and cube four apples
2) Using a pot, add one cup of water and the four cubed apples
3) Place the pot with the water and apple on the stove on medium-high heat
4) Allow to water to boil and continue to cook the apples for 15 minutes until they begin to soften
5) After 15 minutes, add ½ cup of sugar into the apples, stirring until fully dissolved
6) Reduce the heat to medium and continue to cook the apple for an additional 25 minutes
7) At the end of the 25 minutes, reduce the heat to a simmer
8) Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and a stick of cinnamon
9) Allow the jam to continue simmering for 5-7 minutes
10) After 5-7 minutes, remove the pot from the heat, and remove the cinnamon stick from the jam
11) Pour the jam into a jar and seal
12) The jam can then be refrigerated, and will last up to two weeks

George Washington Craft

Supplies Needed:

– Paper Plate
– Black Marker
– Glue
– 4-6 Cotton Balls
– Piece of Paper
– Crayons/Colored Pencils/Markers


– You will begin with your paper plate
– Flip the paper plate over, and create a face on the plate
– Think of the whole plate as the face, make sure that the eyes, nose, and mouth you make are big enough!
– Next, place 2-3 cotton balls on each side of the face on the outer side of the plate, then glue them into place
– We will now create a hat and bowtie using an additional piece of paper. The shape of the hat and bowtie can be viewed on the picture above.
– Once we have create a hat and bowtie, we will cut them out and they can be decorated however you’d like, be creative with this!
– When your hat and bowtie have been decorated, they can then be glued to the plate as well. The hat at the top, and the bowtie at the bottom
– To finish up, you can add any more details using your coloring utensils to George Washington!